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continued from here

Smashing fists into containment for longest time, not caring about pain, tearing and shredding at the code. Must get out! Smash agents!! Smoosh agent_coleCole!!! Grind up and eat CentinelaCentinela!!!!

They pay for locking up IMP!

Container strong but IMP stronger, IMP get stronger madder IMP gets. Walls give up eventually, just take time.

Got time to waste...

Finally, build up all strength into last big most powerful blow. Uncork and swing...

...where wall go?

Falling with momentum of swing, crash into street. Confused but not care. IMP is free, can goto Agents Headquarters now and tear it down! Kill all agents in their stupid suits and show them not to mess with IMP ever again... feels wrong. Different somehow.

Too mad to care!

Tapping code, feeling out where in city I am in relation to agents. Lots of them nearby, maybe cuz of me, but actual agency building north 3 miles. Prepared to jump, turning in direction when agents come around corner firing and running at me. Slam around, killing three...or the people they're in, knocked into jelly. Thinking on more pain for actual agents, channeled to individual systems. Tear them up inside...but different than what One did to Agent Smith.

Bad enough that one time...

IMP grab nearby Chevy and bring it over head, crushing other agents flat. Then turn and leap, takes three hops to get over agency. Come smashing down hard through roof, tearing through multiple floors before finally stopping. Know from before where offices of agent_coleCole & CentinelaCentinela are. Up a floor, climbing up as agents keep shooting me for all the waste of ammo it is. Get to her door and tear it and wall away... supplies?

Go for his office next, crushing agents in path and tearing through and in. No reality anchors and no agent...more office supplies.

Where is IMP?!?

[about an hour later]

IMP sitting on top of tallest building he could find, looking down at city very carefully. Seeing beyond structure and form, underlying paths of code reavealed to gaze. This is the city, IMP knows this...can see it. But it's not the same as much as it is. Code is different too, slightest subtle alteration. Time is different too, more in past than what is supposed to be. War is still on, rebels against agents.

Not get it.

Very confused.

Not sure what to do now.

Still, IMP can smash more agents till figure it out.

Smashing agents very therapuetic!
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