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Story: Desire of an innocent mind

*I lean against the wall, panting heavily, my heartbeat has grown stronger* "Why are they here, what do they want from me?!" *Looks quickly around, nothing has changed, the house lies in silence and the hallway is just the way it's always been* How do they know where I live, did they follow me? *The sharp pain comes once again from my throat, I grasp onto my neck and fall to my knees* What's happening to me, what is going on? *Slow, heavy footsteps are heard from the lower level of the house, walking around, searching. I crawl back down the hall and close the door quietly* Why didn't Mouse put a lock on the door, it would really come in handy now. *Looks around quietly for something to blockade the door against the mysterious intruders, the pain becomes stronger by each passing second, it becomes difficult to breathe* There's nothing to use except... *Looks over at the desk with the computer sitting quietly ontop, a new green line of text lies against the blackness*

mouse: they know we have talked, i'm sorry but they will come for you...Samantha you must escape_

*Looks at the screen in shock, looks back at the door then once again back at the monitor, speaks loudly* "How did you?!..." *Covers mouth with hands, quickly looks back at the door* I have to be quiet otherwise they'll know where I am, did I just give myself away? *The green words play with my mind as I turn my attention back towards them* Who is this and how do they know everything when they're not even here? *Scoots closer to the screen, quietly to the monitor* "How am I suppose to escape, they seem to be everywhere I am!" *Stops and thinks, slaps forehead, brings out the keyboard* You idiot...this is a computer, it can't hear you.

guest015: how do you know my name, but most of all how do I escape?!

*Suddenly the sound of glass breaking comes from somewhere downstairs, more then likely something small but it does cause my fear level to raise, I look around the room and stop at the window. Rising off the floor, I rush over to it* I can get out this way, why didn't I think of this sooner?! *Opening the curtains, I suddenly get a wonderful view of...bars, they run from the top of the window to the sill. A small, defeated cry* "Mouse...why did you live this way? What were you protecting yourself from?" *I crawl back over to the computer, the keyboard rests gently on my lap, another line of text has appeared*

mouse: i forgot to warn you about the windows, sorry. They're coming up the stairs now, very quietly but they are indeed coming, quickly under the bed

*The keyboard falls from my lap with a light bang against the carpet. Getting down to the ground, I squeeze myself into the tight space under the bed just as the door knob comes to life, the door opens*

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