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The Matrix RPG

Enter The World of The Matrix

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Welcome to The Matrix RPG community!

A newly formed community for Matrix fans to role play as their favourite characters. You may use a character from the films, or a made up character of your choice.

Community Rules

Read these rules before joining. There is no excuse for not reading them and failure to follow them will result in deleted posts and bans from the community.

The following community rules apply to everyone who join, solely to keep an orderly community and a fun place to post:

¤ No stealing other people's characters.
¤ You do not need to create a new LJ account, but you must have a character icon especially for posting on this community so we know/remember who you are. Please stick to one icon - changing it regularly will cause confusement.
¤ You're only allowed one character for each LJ account.
¤ No controlling other people's characters - if this happens your post will be deleted. If this continues you will be banned.
¤ There are no rules as to what can happen, but we do ask you not to act disrespectfully and spoil everybody else's fun. If this happens, your post will be deleted and depending on the content, we may ban you instantly.


¤ Ibuki [ the_architect ]
¤ Mantiss [ daidavies ]
¤ Rinoa [ rinoa666 ]
¤ Golden Phoenix [ sharasalt ]
¤ Jackal [ matrix_jackal ]

Contact Us

This community was created by the_architect and is helped moderated by rinoa666.

We still have a lot to sort out here and haven't included all the information you need to know yet. So if you have any questions, feel free to contact either of us by email:

the_architect - better_than_neo@hotmail.com
rinoa666 - rinoa_kinetic@hotmail.com