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The tape...

The cold spike sunk deep into the back of his head. Everything went white. He was in this one along. There were rows and rows of guns... But there were only two things he needed. He grabbed the chrome colt 45. off the gun rack.
And the Katana off the shelf. He sliped the 45 into its holster under his long, White trench coat. The katana was put back into the sheeve in belonged. then slung around his back. He was then ready to enter the matrix. He had done amny times... But never like this...
"All I have to do is get the tape..." He said. The agents had a video tape. No, they were not going to watch it. Inside of the tape, Was a floppy disk. If you were to insert the floppy disk, Then you would be granted istant data...
the data on how to overide the ships EMPs. It was very valuable data. "Lets go." He said. In a flash, He was in a wearhouse. Infront of a phone. It began to ring. He answerd. "I'm in..." He said. He walked out the front door onto the street. "Got to find that tape..." He said
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