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The Last Dance

She opened her eyes for a moment, half dreaming she conjured the image of being trapped inside a warm, orange shell with a glue like substance surrounding her. As her eyes fluttered back to close, her eyes strained to make out rows and rows of pod-like apparatusus. Her eyes grew heavy as she heard a loud whirring sound, her halucinations tempted her again as she pictured a spider-like machine looking at her from the outside in, she could feel its parts vibrate along with the sounds it made. There she fell into slumber once again, failing to notice that what she dreamed was real, and that the 'egg' she resided in was slowly being cracked open.


Where am I? Why can't I see straight? Am I alive? Can I breathe?

She inhaled, and swallowed what tasted like dirty water. The water stained her lungs with an unpleasent flavor, urging her to vomit as she  kicked her way in what she praied was upward. She kept kicking, using her arms to finally break free. The surface was no better then the fathoms below. With her first breath she felt relieved but when she breathed again something in the air wasn't quite right. It tasted of rust and oil, smelling thicker than smog. She breathed the foul air over and over again, realizing it was the only type of air avaiable. Better than none. She weakly swam her way to what she prayed was shore, feeling heavy, muscles weak and feeble. There she lay, cold and drowsy for what reamined unknown reasons. Pulling her knees up to her chest she began to contemplate.

Good god where am I...How did I get here...I was just at the club a few minutesago and now...wait, the club. Club, suit, man in suit, car, men in suits, alleys...alleys...surrouneded, tired...why does my arm itch? Oh my god...my arm! Both of them! Holes! Plugs?! Ohgod ohgod...my neck too! My hair...what the hell happened?! Oh god what did those people do?! What am I doing here? What is this place...why is it so clod...metal..lots of metal...I wish I had a blanket...cold..

She began to drone out again, but just before she went out cold, a light shone down from above.

I'm dead...

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