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Story: Desire of an innocent mind

mouse: i'm sorry to hear that, but i'm not trying to talk to your brother

guest015: ....who are you?
<< user mouse is no longer available...)_

*The computer screen turns black once more, the dark glow disappearing leaving me in absolute darkness. My heartbeat begins to beat faster, sweat is starting to form on my forehead* Where did they go... WHY DID THEY HAVE TO LEAVE BEFORE ANSWERING ME!? *Slams the drawer back to its resting place, sits in the darkness, quietly* "What I don't know will set me free...what does that mean?" *I roll back on the chair, slowly getting up. The hallway leading back to the room is covered in shadow except for the small nightlight on the wall, casting a small orange glow*

*The walls are a pearly white and the floor is a teal green. A thin man is standing at the door, holding a hand over an earpiece while another sits in front of me, asking me the same questions over and over* Why do they keep asking me the same things over and over again? "I told you, I don't know where my brother went...he just disappeared one day." *The man sitting down in the chair appears to be getting really annoyed at me, his dark glasses appear to be looking straight through me and I shutter quietly* "Look...all you have to tell us is who your brother talked to before he disappeared. Did he mention anyone named...Trinity...or Morpheus?" *Looks up at him, tries to keep calm*

<< Error5841...)

*I sit up in bed breathing heavily, the sweat is now dripping down my face* "What a dream, I really need to work on my art work more!" *Continues to pant, breathing suddenly comes to a hault* But that wasn't a dream. *Brings legs out from under the warm covers so they dangle over the side of the bed. Looking down at the floor, a hand rests beneath each thigh* "No...not a dream, it's like de javu." *Looks straight ahead, a stream of light shines in from beneath the curtain. I stand up and slowly walk towards the window* That was the same thing that happened earlier *pause in thought* I still don't remember how I got back home. "Why can't I remember walking home?" *Puts a hand on the cord to lift the curtain, looks around her room slowly. Everything is the way it was suppose to be: the room was rather empty but the walls were decorated with my drawings, a few stuffed animals lie silently in the corner* "I must be looking into this way too much then I should..." *Pulls the small cord, the dark purple curtain raises slowly. I look down at the street but my eyes stop on the figures standing in my driveway, looking up at my very window* W-w-what's going on?! *Slowly steps away from the window, I put my hand over my mouth. Strangely, a sharp pain runs up my throat, screams* "WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, I JUST WANT MY BROTHER BACK!"

*In the dark room down the hall, the computer still buzzes with life but the screen once again has the dark light shining through. Screaming from a nearby room is the only sound besides the quiet hum of the machine, a small line of green is the only light in the room*

mouse: they know we have talked, i'm sorry but they will come for you...Samantha you must escape

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