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The Last Dance

“Do you want to dance?”

 If one only knew how long those words would last, would they have been said any differently? Perhaps…perhaps not. In a dimly lit club a woman had stood listening and talking to the man beside her. The room began to pulse as the worn out disc jockey was swapped for a new one. His shift was over. Lights of neon Technicolor filled the place with a vibrant aura. So alive, and yet so blinded.

 The woman nodded.

 From there the man led the woman, they walked instep, almost perfectly in coordination from their experiences together. They matched in attitude as the new dj brought the club to life. They were in love. Together they danced for what seemed like hours, where they had the energy from late at these hours no one knew.

 But if it is so late, then why is that guy wearing sunglasses inside?

 The woman noticed a tall, broad shouldered man standing perfectly still in the corner of the room. His arms were folded behind his back in such a manner that his suit did not wrinkle or crease itself in the process. An earpiece resided in his right ear which he put his hand to. She spun around and saw the face of her lover, and soon the man in the suit was to be forgotten…but not too soon at all.

 The two were heading back to their car in the dark hours of the morning. She had just gotten in the vehicle when she heard a foreign sound come from the backseat. Three men dressed identically to the one in the club resided on the leather interior. She screamed and turned to face her partner but before her very eyes he had morphed into the pressed-suited man she had seen earlier. She paid no patience into opening the door and running down the street. Alley by alley she tried to escape the horror in the gaslamp of downtown. Just when she thought she had finally escaped she came to a dead-end. There, one of the four identical men stood in front of her. She turned around, another. Left, the third; Right, the last.

 They pack of wolfs closed in on the stray lamb.

 “This isn’t the user we’re looking for.”
 “Are you sure?”
 “Does this...human…look male to you?”
 “There must have been a mistake.”
 “A mistake in one of the older versions, yes.”
 “When will they realize that there is only room for upgrades.”
 “Only in the final hours will they realize this.”
 “Have the inferior sentient deleted.”
 “And what of her?”
 “We have no choice.”

((action picture from an old, dead rp avaliable at http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/3805638/ ))

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