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Story: Desire of an innocent mind

*Opens eyes, there is nothing but silence, the alarm clock next to my bed reads 3:30 am in bright green. I look up at where the ceiling would be, if I could see it* How did I get here, I thought I was in...*Sits straight up in bed, tries to remember what last happened* "I don't remember coming back to my room at all, I remember coming home and then going to Mouse's room." *Blinks in the darkness, looks at the clock again, 3:31 am* I never liked the red lettering on alarm clocks, never cared for the blue ones either. Something about green against black...seems more natural. *Brings legs around to let them hang over the bed, I sit there putting my hair back up in a ponytail* But why was I in there? *Pauses in thought, jumps off of the bed. The floor is cold in the early morning and I make my way out of my bedroom, the rest of the house lies in silence as well, soft breathing can be heard from my parent's bedroom* Those two guys remind me of Mom and Dad, ever since he disappeared they've been acting like mindless zombies. *I pause at the door leading to Mouse's room before turning the doorknob, the machines are silenced for once, the room cloaked in darkness. I walk over to the leather chair and sit, brings the hidden drawer beneath the desk out* I remember sitting here, too, but...why? *Sits quietly trying to remember, also tries to remember why she forgot about this in the first place* "Screw it, I have no idea what I'm doing." *Pushes the drawer back in and allows it to do so with a loud bang, suddenly a whirring sound comes from the monitor*

*Lifts hands up in the air and tries to make out what's around her* Great...what did I do, did I break something? *Pauses to remember an old memory* "Always breaking something, *looks down at where her hands should be* damn butterfingers." *The monitor suddenly comes alive with it's dark, glow. After a minute, a small green object goes running down the screen vertically, jumps, banging my knee on the hidden drawer holding the keyboard* SON OF A...shhh, I can't wake up Mom or Dad, if they find me in here they'll kill me. *Rubs knee, looks so close to the screen that my nose touches it, all I can see it black, quietly* "What was that, is it suppose to do that?" *A small, green, blinking horizontal line comes on the screen, it continues to blink repeatedly, I bring out the drawer cautiously and put my fingers gently on the keys* "Wait..." I was sitting here, I was typing something...what was I typing? No...not typing, waiting, waiting for something...or someone. *A fast sounding whir comes from the computer's tower, and something is pasted*

mouse: what you don't know will set you

guest015: who are you and what do you mean?_

I wrote that didn't I? Yes, I did! *My heartbeat begins to beat harder inside my chest* Why am I getting all excited, just cause his username is mouse doesn't mean...

mouse: you know who i am_

*Blinks suprinsingly* "Oh my...they're responding, THEY'RE RESPONDING!" *Clasps hand over mouth, sits quietly to hear if the outburst just awakened her parents* What do I say, what does this person mean I know who they are? *Pauses before slowly typing*

guest015: what do you mean i know who you are, i've never seen you before                        

guest015: actually...i've never been on this kind of instant messenger before so i really doubt that i know you or that you know me for that matter_

*Brings elbow onto desktop, I rest my cheek on my fist, waiting for a reply* What if this is one of his friends trying to scare him, don't they know that he's disappeared?

mouse: it's been a long time, i've missed you_

*Blinks confusingly* I guess they don't know that he's been gone.

guest015: look, i'm sorry but i'm not my brother since i think that's who you're looking for      

guest015: i'm sorry but...he disappeared 2 months ago                                                              

mouse: i'm sorry to hear that, but i'm not trying to talk to your brother                                    

guest015: ....who are you?                                                                                                               << user mouse is no longer available...)_


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