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Story: Desire of an innocent mind

*I'm led out of the classroom and down the hall, one stranger stands on my left and the other on my right. They're both pretty tall and thin, too* What do they want with me? I'm just a normal girl who enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting and writing stories...there's nothing special about me. "Um...so, you guys are tall, huh? You must...drink your milk, huh?" *Nervous laugh, pauses before looking up at the one on the right, he continues to look straight ahead as they walk, the one on the left also has no response* Hm...these guys are pretty serious, maybe they work for the FBI...do they know something about Mouse? *Heart begins to beat with hope*

*It's been two hours and I'm still sitting in this room, the walls are a pearly white and the floor is a teal green. One of the strangers is standing at the door, holding a hand over an earpiece while the other sits in front of me, asking me the same questions over and over* Why do they keep asking me the same things over and over again? "I told you, I don't know where my brother went...he just disappeared one day." *The man sitting down in the chair appears to be getting really annoyed at me, his dark glasses appear to be looking straight through me and I shutter quietly* "Look...all you have to tell us is who your brother talked to before he disappeared. Did he mention anyone named...Trinity...or Morpheus?" *Looks up at him, tries to keep calm* How do they know about that guy Trinity, is he on America's Most Wanted or something? Maybe they want to help me find him, but...I don't recall hearing mom talk about hiring any secret investigators...if that's what these guys are. "You know what?" *Stands up in chair* "I want to find my brother more then you'll ever know but I don't know who the hell you *Points finger at the standing man* or you are! So...why don't you just take your questions and shove it." That should tell them, these guys must be hackers or...something, I have no idea who they are...but what if I say something that I shouldn't? *Walks to the door but is stopped by the man standing, he slowly walks towards me, causing me to walk backwards back towards the table where the other man is now standing, looking at me with no emotion what so ever, they don't even seem to be human* ...Some time later...*Walks up the carpeted stairs, the house is silent like earlier. Suddenly, I hear a distant beeping, stops moving and looks up to the top of the stairs* That sounds like it's coming from...his room, but who would be in there? *Begins to run up the remaining stairs, pauses outside his door, my palms begin to sweat and the doorknob becomes slippery* What's the big deal...it's not like I haven't been in there before. "Respect, you act this way out of respect for him."

*Closes eyes, thinks back to another time, I was younger and Mouse was still around. I'm running down the hall way, mom is following behind with a stern look on her face. Instead of knocking on the door, I run inside to see a very angered brother* "Samantha, don't you ever knock!" *Smile fades, looks down to see him putting together a metal paintbrush holder...something I needed ever since I started painting. Mom enters the room* "So, this is where the white powder came from, using sandpaper to smooth out the metal edges." *She shakes her head and leaves the room* "How could I ever think my son would be guilty of doing drugs? Honestly, why else would he be in his room all this time?" *I look back at him, tears are now starting to form. He doesn't yell he just looks at me then back at the metal object in his hand, quietly* "Seriously Sam, you need to learn how to knock before entering a room. Since you didn't, now you know what my surprise is." *Sniffles, wipes eyes* "I-I-I'm sorry big brother, I didn't mean to. *Begins to cry* Does that mean you don't love me anymore?" *Mouse puts down his project and motions for me to come over, he holds me in his lap and rocks me back and forth gently, shushing for me to stop crying* "Of course not, Sam, I love you, you're my little sister and even though you still have things to learn, that doesn't mean that I don't love you. *Kisses forhead* I love you more then anything in the world." *Sniffles, wipes runny nose on sleeve and looks up at him with tearful eyes* "Even more then your computers?" *Mouse laughs and hugs me closer* "Of course I do *Pauses, in a lower tone* they're just tools used to control people. *Pauses, in his normal tone once again* Just promise to knock before coming in again, okay?" *Smiles, nods* "I promise."

*Smiles quietly, a tear falls down my cheek only to be wiped away* "But now that nobody can answer, it should be fine to walk in...right?" *The door slowly creaks open, the room still sits in darkness. The only light source comes from the computer hidden within the shadows, walks up to it* Who turned this on, mom wouldn't come in here...would she? *A small line of green text sits among the blackness of the screen:*

mouse: what you don't know will set you free _

*Blinks, my heart begins to race excitedly* Mouse, whose mouse? This can't be... "My mouse? But how?" *Brings the drawer that is hidden beneath the desk out, the black keyboard rests silently ontop, my hands hover above the keys* "Should I say something?" *Fingertips rest gently on the keys*

guest015: who are you and what do you mean?_

There...that gets to the point. *Sits back in the tall leather chair, making myself comfortable* I hope they don't keep me waiting too long...

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