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02:54pm 13/02/2006

 Define Real -- A Matrix RPG takes place in the real world (mostly in Zion) after the first film, but before the second or third films. The second and third films will be alternate universes, so they never happen.


* Define Real is a slash-friendly RPG.


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12:07pm 11/09/2005
  hey everyone I know this is spam like but please read.
I'm starting up a matrix RPG and we're looking for players. All positions are open save for Neo. Original characters are more than welcome. I hope to see you there at Less_Than_Real

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01:40pm 27/09/2004
mood: hungry
xposted to InsidetheMatrixInside the Matrix, LJMatrixLJ Matrix, Matrix_AgentsMatrix Agents, Matrix_FansMatrix Fans, Matrix_TheoryMatrix Theory, NeologiansNeologians, Schism_MatrixSchism Matrix, SpoonIsntRealSpoon Isn't Real, The_MatrixThe Matrix, Zion_DockingbayZion Dockingbay, and possibly a few other places.

Being jacked into the Matrix, anything that happens within the system to your RSI (virtual self) effects your real body. Like that old axiom that dying in a dream will kill you in life.

You get hit = bloody lip
Shot = tore up inside
Break a limb = body spasms to break the bone
Die = die

You get the idea.

By the same token, good things effect your real body the same way...which begs the question: what happens to a person if they're having sex while jacked in? I don't suppose operators wander around with spare towels...

The point, or question, I'm dancing around here is this hypothetical; a ship crashes and its operator and pilot are killed but all the other equipment still fundamentally works. The only survivors of whatever happened are all jacked in. Eating within the Matrix, to some extent, staves off hunger in the actual body but without actual nourishment, the body will eventually start to atrophy and starve.

How long do you suppose they could survive like that?

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The Matrix Has Us.... 
12:24pm 08/09/2004
  I've revamped the community and I'm now going to actually be a part of it.
I'm gonna start a new story.

The Architect walked slowly down a bleak sreet in the Matrix Megacity. He heard footsteps behind him...

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Free your mind 
12:50pm 30/07/2004
mood: ecstatic
Think of this as a recruitment drive. matrix_theoryMatrix Theory is a combination Matrix questions community and OOC for any and all Matrix RPGs. Think the user info pretty much covers all that effectively enough.

Hope to see you there.

especially as by making this community I've apparently sacrificed the full picture load on my own journal that I chanced upon when I went back to free status...

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The tape... 
01:17pm 12/07/2004
mood: worried
The cold spike sunk deep into the back of his head. Everything went white. He was in this one along. There were rows and rows of guns... But there were only two things he needed. He grabbed the chrome colt 45. off the gun rack.
And the Katana off the shelf. He sliped the 45 into its holster under his long, White trench coat. The katana was put back into the sheeve in belonged. then slung around his back. He was then ready to enter the matrix. He had done amny times... But never like this...
"All I have to do is get the tape..." He said. The agents had a video tape. No, they were not going to watch it. Inside of the tape, Was a floppy disk. If you were to insert the floppy disk, Then you would be granted istant data...
the data on how to overide the ships EMPs. It was very valuable data. "Lets go." He said. In a flash, He was in a wearhouse. Infront of a phone. It began to ring. He answerd. "I'm in..." He said. He walked out the front door onto the street. "Got to find that tape..." He said

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04:13pm 10/07/2004
  I'm back after about seven months of offline hell.
And wow, it's getting pretty popular. You guys have created some really cool characters and stories.
I look forward to coming on some adventures with all of you's. =)


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01:18pm 27/06/2004
mood: Rawr!
continued from here

Smashing fists into containment for longest time, not caring about pain, tearing and shredding at the code. Must get out! Smash agents!! Smoosh agent_coleCole!!! Grind up and eat CentinelaCentinela!!!!

They pay for locking up IMP!

Container strong but IMP stronger, IMP get stronger madder IMP gets. Walls give up eventually, just take time.

Got time to waste...

Finally, build up all strength into last big most powerful blow. Uncork and swing...

...where wall go?

Falling with momentum of swing, crash into street. Confused but not care. IMP is free, can goto Agents Headquarters now and tear it down! Kill all agents in their stupid suits and show them not to mess with IMP ever again...

...place feels wrong. Different somehow.

Too mad to care!

Tapping code, feeling out where in city I am in relation to agents. Lots of them nearby, maybe cuz of me, but actual agency building north 3 miles. Prepared to jump, turning in direction when agents come around corner firing and running at me. Slam around, killing three...or the people they're in, knocked into jelly. Thinking on more pain for actual agents, channeled to individual systems. Tear them up inside...but different than what One did to Agent Smith.

Bad enough that one time...

IMP grab nearby Chevy and bring it over head, crushing other agents flat. Then turn and leap, takes three hops to get over agency. Come smashing down hard through roof, tearing through multiple floors before finally stopping. Know from before where offices of agent_coleCole & CentinelaCentinela are. Up a floor, climbing up as agents keep shooting me for all the waste of ammo it is. Get to her door and tear it and wall away...

...office supplies?

Go for his office next, crushing agents in path and tearing through and in. No reality anchors and no agent...more office supplies.

Where is IMP?!?

[about an hour later]

IMP sitting on top of tallest building he could find, looking down at city very carefully. Seeing beyond structure and form, underlying paths of code reavealed to gaze. This is the city, IMP knows this...can see it. But it's not the same as much as it is. Code is different too, slightest subtle alteration. Time is different too, more in past than what is supposed to be. War is still on, rebels against agents.

Not get it.

Very confused.

Not sure what to do now.

Still, IMP can smash more agents till figure it out.

Smashing agents very therapuetic!

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Story: Desire of an innocent mind 
01:09pm 13/06/2004
mood: scared
*I lean against the wall, panting heavily, my heartbeat has grown stronger* "Why are they here, what do they want from me?!" *Looks quickly around, nothing has changed, the house lies in silence and the hallway is just the way it's always been* How do they know where I live, did they follow me? *The sharp pain comes once again from my throat, I grasp onto my neck and fall to my knees* What's happening to me, what is going on? *Slow, heavy footsteps are heard from the lower level of the house, walking around, searching. I crawl back down the hall and close the door quietly* Why didn't Mouse put a lock on the door, it would really come in handy now. *Looks around quietly for something to blockade the door against the mysterious intruders, the pain becomes stronger by each passing second, it becomes difficult to breathe* There's nothing to use except... *Looks over at the desk with the computer sitting quietly ontop, a new green line of text lies against the blackness*

mouse: they know we have talked, i'm sorry but they will come for you...Samantha you must escape_

*Looks at the screen in shock, looks back at the door then once again back at the monitor, speaks loudly* "How did you?!..." *Covers mouth with hands, quickly looks back at the door* I have to be quiet otherwise they'll know where I am, did I just give myself away? *The green words play with my mind as I turn my attention back towards them* Who is this and how do they know everything when they're not even here? *Scoots closer to the screen, quietly to the monitor* "How am I suppose to escape, they seem to be everywhere I am!" *Stops and thinks, slaps forehead, brings out the keyboard* You idiot...this is a computer, it can't hear you.

guest015: how do you know my name, but most of all how do I escape?!

*Suddenly the sound of glass breaking comes from somewhere downstairs, more then likely something small but it does cause my fear level to raise, I look around the room and stop at the window. Rising off the floor, I rush over to it* I can get out this way, why didn't I think of this sooner?! *Opening the curtains, I suddenly get a wonderful view of...bars, they run from the top of the window to the sill. A small, defeated cry* "Mouse...why did you live this way? What were you protecting yourself from?" *I crawl back over to the computer, the keyboard rests gently on my lap, another line of text has appeared*

mouse: i forgot to warn you about the windows, sorry. They're coming up the stairs now, very quietly but they are indeed coming, quickly under the bed

*The keyboard falls from my lap with a light bang against the carpet. Getting down to the ground, I squeeze myself into the tight space under the bed just as the door knob comes to life, the door opens*


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The Last Dance 
07:26am 31/05/2004
mood: distressed

She opened her eyes for a moment, half dreaming she conjured the image of being trapped inside a warm, orange shell with a glue like substance surrounding her. As her eyes fluttered back to close, her eyes strained to make out rows and rows of pod-like apparatusus. Her eyes grew heavy as she heard a loud whirring sound, her halucinations tempted her again as she pictured a spider-like machine looking at her from the outside in, she could feel its parts vibrate along with the sounds it made. There she fell into slumber once again, failing to notice that what she dreamed was real, and that the 'egg' she resided in was slowly being cracked open.


Where am I? Why can't I see straight? Am I alive? Can I breathe?

She inhaled, and swallowed what tasted like dirty water. The water stained her lungs with an unpleasent flavor, urging her to vomit as she  kicked her way in what she praied was upward. She kept kicking, using her arms to finally break free. The surface was no better then the fathoms below. With her first breath she felt relieved but when she breathed again something in the air wasn't quite right. It tasted of rust and oil, smelling thicker than smog. She breathed the foul air over and over again, realizing it was the only type of air avaiable. Better than none. She weakly swam her way to what she prayed was shore, feeling heavy, muscles weak and feeble. There she lay, cold and drowsy for what reamined unknown reasons. Pulling her knees up to her chest she began to contemplate.

Good god where am I...How did I get here...I was just at the club a few minutesago and now...wait, the club. Club, suit, man in suit, car, men in suits, alleys...alleys...surrouneded, tired...why does my arm itch? Oh my god...my arm! Both of them! Holes! Plugs?! Ohgod ohgod...my neck too! My hair...what the hell happened?! Oh god what did those people do?! What am I doing here? What is this place...why is it so clod...metal..lots of metal...I wish I had a blanket...cold..

She began to drone out again, but just before she went out cold, a light shone down from above.

I'm dead...


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Story: Desire of an innocent mind 
12:36am 31/05/2004
mood: discontent
mouse: i'm sorry to hear that, but i'm not trying to talk to your brother

guest015: ....who are you?
<< user mouse is no longer available...)_

*The computer screen turns black once more, the dark glow disappearing leaving me in absolute darkness. My heartbeat begins to beat faster, sweat is starting to form on my forehead* Where did they go... WHY DID THEY HAVE TO LEAVE BEFORE ANSWERING ME!? *Slams the drawer back to its resting place, sits in the darkness, quietly* "What I don't know will set me free...what does that mean?" *I roll back on the chair, slowly getting up. The hallway leading back to the room is covered in shadow except for the small nightlight on the wall, casting a small orange glow*

*The walls are a pearly white and the floor is a teal green. A thin man is standing at the door, holding a hand over an earpiece while another sits in front of me, asking me the same questions over and over* Why do they keep asking me the same things over and over again? "I told you, I don't know where my brother went...he just disappeared one day." *The man sitting down in the chair appears to be getting really annoyed at me, his dark glasses appear to be looking straight through me and I shutter quietly* "Look...all you have to tell us is who your brother talked to before he disappeared. Did he mention anyone named...Trinity...or Morpheus?" *Looks up at him, tries to keep calm*

<< Error5841...)

*I sit up in bed breathing heavily, the sweat is now dripping down my face* "What a dream, I really need to work on my art work more!" *Continues to pant, breathing suddenly comes to a hault* But that wasn't a dream. *Brings legs out from under the warm covers so they dangle over the side of the bed. Looking down at the floor, a hand rests beneath each thigh* "No...not a dream, it's like de javu." *Looks straight ahead, a stream of light shines in from beneath the curtain. I stand up and slowly walk towards the window* That was the same thing that happened earlier *pause in thought* I still don't remember how I got back home. "Why can't I remember walking home?" *Puts a hand on the cord to lift the curtain, looks around her room slowly. Everything is the way it was suppose to be: the room was rather empty but the walls were decorated with my drawings, a few stuffed animals lie silently in the corner* "I must be looking into this way too much then I should..." *Pulls the small cord, the dark purple curtain raises slowly. I look down at the street but my eyes stop on the figures standing in my driveway, looking up at my very window* W-w-what's going on?! *Slowly steps away from the window, I put my hand over my mouth. Strangely, a sharp pain runs up my throat, screams* "WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, I JUST WANT MY BROTHER BACK!"

*In the dark room down the hall, the computer still buzzes with life but the screen once again has the dark light shining through. Screaming from a nearby room is the only sound besides the quiet hum of the machine, a small line of green is the only light in the room*

mouse: they know we have talked, i'm sorry but they will come for you...Samantha you must escape


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The Last Dance 
07:49am 30/05/2004

“Do you want to dance?”

 If one only knew how long those words would last, would they have been said any differently? Perhaps…perhaps not. In a dimly lit club a woman had stood listening and talking to the man beside her. The room began to pulse as the worn out disc jockey was swapped for a new one. His shift was over. Lights of neon Technicolor filled the place with a vibrant aura. So alive, and yet so blinded.

 The woman nodded.

 From there the man led the woman, they walked instep, almost perfectly in coordination from their experiences together. They matched in attitude as the new dj brought the club to life. They were in love. Together they danced for what seemed like hours, where they had the energy from late at these hours no one knew.

 But if it is so late, then why is that guy wearing sunglasses inside?

 The woman noticed a tall, broad shouldered man standing perfectly still in the corner of the room. His arms were folded behind his back in such a manner that his suit did not wrinkle or crease itself in the process. An earpiece resided in his right ear which he put his hand to. She spun around and saw the face of her lover, and soon the man in the suit was to be forgotten…but not too soon at all.

 The two were heading back to their car in the dark hours of the morning. She had just gotten in the vehicle when she heard a foreign sound come from the backseat. Three men dressed identically to the one in the club resided on the leather interior. She screamed and turned to face her partner but before her very eyes he had morphed into the pressed-suited man she had seen earlier. She paid no patience into opening the door and running down the street. Alley by alley she tried to escape the horror in the gaslamp of downtown. Just when she thought she had finally escaped she came to a dead-end. There, one of the four identical men stood in front of her. She turned around, another. Left, the third; Right, the last.

 They pack of wolfs closed in on the stray lamb.

 “This isn’t the user we’re looking for.”
 “Are you sure?”
 “Does this...human…look male to you?”
 “There must have been a mistake.”
 “A mistake in one of the older versions, yes.”
 “When will they realize that there is only room for upgrades.”
 “Only in the final hours will they realize this.”
 “Have the inferior sentient deleted.”
 “And what of her?”
 “We have no choice.”

((action picture from an old, dead rp avaliable at http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/3805638/ ))


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Ooh...a Matrix RP.. 
09:15pm 29/05/2004
mood: awaiting

First off..wewt.

Second: I'd like to join if it is possible. I've made a Matrix character previously for my animation classes and would gladly post if accepted. If not, feel free to shove a blue pill down my throat and remove me from the community list. :)



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Story: Desire of an innocent mind 
09:28pm 09/04/2004
mood: confused

*Opens eyes, there is nothing but silence, the alarm clock next to my bed reads 3:30 am in bright green. I look up at where the ceiling would be, if I could see it* How did I get here, I thought I was in...*Sits straight up in bed, tries to remember what last happened* "I don't remember coming back to my room at all, I remember coming home and then going to Mouse's room." *Blinks in the darkness, looks at the clock again, 3:31 am* I never liked the red lettering on alarm clocks, never cared for the blue ones either. Something about green against black...seems more natural. *Brings legs around to let them hang over the bed, I sit there putting my hair back up in a ponytail* But why was I in there? *Pauses in thought, jumps off of the bed. The floor is cold in the early morning and I make my way out of my bedroom, the rest of the house lies in silence as well, soft breathing can be heard from my parent's bedroom* Those two guys remind me of Mom and Dad, ever since he disappeared they've been acting like mindless zombies. *I pause at the door leading to Mouse's room before turning the doorknob, the machines are silenced for once, the room cloaked in darkness. I walk over to the leather chair and sit, brings the hidden drawer beneath the desk out* I remember sitting here, too, but...why? *Sits quietly trying to remember, also tries to remember why she forgot about this in the first place* "Screw it, I have no idea what I'm doing." *Pushes the drawer back in and allows it to do so with a loud bang, suddenly a whirring sound comes from the monitor*

*Lifts hands up in the air and tries to make out what's around her* Great...what did I do, did I break something? *Pauses to remember an old memory* "Always breaking something, *looks down at where her hands should be* damn butterfingers." *The monitor suddenly comes alive with it's dark, glow. After a minute, a small green object goes running down the screen vertically, jumps, banging my knee on the hidden drawer holding the keyboard* SON OF A...shhh, I can't wake up Mom or Dad, if they find me in here they'll kill me. *Rubs knee, looks so close to the screen that my nose touches it, all I can see it black, quietly* "What was that, is it suppose to do that?" *A small, green, blinking horizontal line comes on the screen, it continues to blink repeatedly, I bring out the drawer cautiously and put my fingers gently on the keys* "Wait..." I was sitting here, I was typing something...what was I typing? No...not typing, waiting, waiting for something...or someone. *A fast sounding whir comes from the computer's tower, and something is pasted*

mouse: what you don't know will set you

guest015: who are you and what do you mean?_

I wrote that didn't I? Yes, I did! *My heartbeat begins to beat harder inside my chest* Why am I getting all excited, just cause his username is mouse doesn't mean...

mouse: you know who i am_

*Blinks suprinsingly* "Oh my...they're responding, THEY'RE RESPONDING!" *Clasps hand over mouth, sits quietly to hear if the outburst just awakened her parents* What do I say, what does this person mean I know who they are? *Pauses before slowly typing*

guest015: what do you mean i know who you are, i've never seen you before                        

guest015: actually...i've never been on this kind of instant messenger before so i really doubt that i know you or that you know me for that matter_

*Brings elbow onto desktop, I rest my cheek on my fist, waiting for a reply* What if this is one of his friends trying to scare him, don't they know that he's disappeared?

mouse: it's been a long time, i've missed you_

*Blinks confusingly* I guess they don't know that he's been gone.

guest015: look, i'm sorry but i'm not my brother since i think that's who you're looking for      

guest015: i'm sorry but...he disappeared 2 months ago                                                              

mouse: i'm sorry to hear that, but i'm not trying to talk to your brother                                    

guest015: ....who are you?                                                                                                               << user mouse is no longer available...)_



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10:39pm 30/03/2004
  << Downloading(@L283) ..
(100%) Ret = ..

------------------------------\= \
= //=----------------------------
--------------| cat. |----------
---------| ____ |-----////
++++++++++++++SYSMSG:access unreadble, attempting@42.8KFG..++++++++++++++++++++++
------------------------------\= \
= //=----------------------------
--------------| dog. |----------
---------| ____ |-----////
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SYSMSG:access unreadble, attempting@42.8KFG..~~
~~~SYSMSG:access unreadble, attempting@42.9KFG..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~SYSMSG:access unreadble, attempting@43KFG..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


<< Downloading(@L12789012) ..
(100%) Ret = ..

<< Downloading(@L9282) ..
(100%) Ret = ..

re you listening? -- good i though we had lost you there for a second. AS I WAS SAYING I THINK NOW MIGHT BE A GO.D TIM. T. ST.R. TH.NK..G ..O.T ...T ... ...L .. ..... ..... ... ......... .... ...... ......(trun 2:____________________________________________________________________________________)[index@= *(beep)]
Read more...Collapse )

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Story: Desire of an innocent mind 
11:48pm 28/03/2004
mood: curious
*I'm led out of the classroom and down the hall, one stranger stands on my left and the other on my right. They're both pretty tall and thin, too* What do they want with me? I'm just a normal girl who enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting and writing stories...there's nothing special about me. "Um...so, you guys are tall, huh? You must...drink your milk, huh?" *Nervous laugh, pauses before looking up at the one on the right, he continues to look straight ahead as they walk, the one on the left also has no response* Hm...these guys are pretty serious, maybe they work for the FBI...do they know something about Mouse? *Heart begins to beat with hope*

*It's been two hours and I'm still sitting in this room, the walls are a pearly white and the floor is a teal green. One of the strangers is standing at the door, holding a hand over an earpiece while the other sits in front of me, asking me the same questions over and over* Why do they keep asking me the same things over and over again? "I told you, I don't know where my brother went...he just disappeared one day." *The man sitting down in the chair appears to be getting really annoyed at me, his dark glasses appear to be looking straight through me and I shutter quietly* "Look...all you have to tell us is who your brother talked to before he disappeared. Did he mention anyone named...Trinity...or Morpheus?" *Looks up at him, tries to keep calm* How do they know about that guy Trinity, is he on America's Most Wanted or something? Maybe they want to help me find him, but...I don't recall hearing mom talk about hiring any secret investigators...if that's what these guys are. "You know what?" *Stands up in chair* "I want to find my brother more then you'll ever know but I don't know who the hell you *Points finger at the standing man* or you are! So...why don't you just take your questions and shove it." That should tell them, these guys must be hackers or...something, I have no idea who they are...but what if I say something that I shouldn't? *Walks to the door but is stopped by the man standing, he slowly walks towards me, causing me to walk backwards back towards the table where the other man is now standing, looking at me with no emotion what so ever, they don't even seem to be human* ...Some time later...*Walks up the carpeted stairs, the house is silent like earlier. Suddenly, I hear a distant beeping, stops moving and looks up to the top of the stairs* That sounds like it's coming from...his room, but who would be in there? *Begins to run up the remaining stairs, pauses outside his door, my palms begin to sweat and the doorknob becomes slippery* What's the big deal...it's not like I haven't been in there before. "Respect, you act this way out of respect for him."

*Closes eyes, thinks back to another time, I was younger and Mouse was still around. I'm running down the hall way, mom is following behind with a stern look on her face. Instead of knocking on the door, I run inside to see a very angered brother* "Samantha, don't you ever knock!" *Smile fades, looks down to see him putting together a metal paintbrush holder...something I needed ever since I started painting. Mom enters the room* "So, this is where the white powder came from, using sandpaper to smooth out the metal edges." *She shakes her head and leaves the room* "How could I ever think my son would be guilty of doing drugs? Honestly, why else would he be in his room all this time?" *I look back at him, tears are now starting to form. He doesn't yell he just looks at me then back at the metal object in his hand, quietly* "Seriously Sam, you need to learn how to knock before entering a room. Since you didn't, now you know what my surprise is." *Sniffles, wipes eyes* "I-I-I'm sorry big brother, I didn't mean to. *Begins to cry* Does that mean you don't love me anymore?" *Mouse puts down his project and motions for me to come over, he holds me in his lap and rocks me back and forth gently, shushing for me to stop crying* "Of course not, Sam, I love you, you're my little sister and even though you still have things to learn, that doesn't mean that I don't love you. *Kisses forhead* I love you more then anything in the world." *Sniffles, wipes runny nose on sleeve and looks up at him with tearful eyes* "Even more then your computers?" *Mouse laughs and hugs me closer* "Of course I do *Pauses, in a lower tone* they're just tools used to control people. *Pauses, in his normal tone once again* Just promise to knock before coming in again, okay?" *Smiles, nods* "I promise."

*Smiles quietly, a tear falls down my cheek only to be wiped away* "But now that nobody can answer, it should be fine to walk in...right?" *The door slowly creaks open, the room still sits in darkness. The only light source comes from the computer hidden within the shadows, walks up to it* Who turned this on, mom wouldn't come in here...would she? *A small line of green text sits among the blackness of the screen:*

mouse: what you don't know will set you free _

*Blinks, my heart begins to race excitedly* Mouse, whose mouse? This can't be... "My mouse? But how?" *Brings the drawer that is hidden beneath the desk out, the black keyboard rests silently ontop, my hands hover above the keys* "Should I say something?" *Fingertips rest gently on the keys*

guest015: who are you and what do you mean?_

There...that gets to the point. *Sits back in the tall leather chair, making myself comfortable* I hope they don't keep me waiting too long...


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Story: Desire of an innocent mind 
12:57am 21/03/2004
mood: alone

*Tries to imagine herself back in her room only a few hours earlier* If only you were here...


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07:52pm 18/03/2004
  (hey everyone! I found this Matrix RPG and wanted to joing ^_^ I love the Matrix, and actually play in another Matrix RPG on a message board...I already have my character that I'd play as; her name is San, she's 22, and has been unplugged from the Matrix for three years.)  

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Story: Desire of an innocent mind 
10:29am 18/03/2004
mood: uncomfortable
*Stands outside, leaning against the door. The shoulder length, brown hair hides the tears* "What happened to you, were you speaking the truth all those times when I thought you were crazy?" Every teen had one of those days, wandering in complete angst, wondering why they're so different from everyone else. *Slowly desceding the stairs, grabs backpack full of books for school and leaves the empty house behind* But for Mouse it seemed like everyday right before he disappeared was full of angst. "Except when he spoke of that guy...Trinity was it?" *Mutters* "It sounds like a porn name."

*The shadow of my body glides across the grass as it follows me down the sidewalk, it's thin but not too skinny, my hair flows gently behind and the sun glistens off the strands* He liked talking about a place called the Matrix like it was some magical place that existed only in his mind, I even ran a search on the internet but of course nothing showed up. "Maybe I left a book unturned, maybe it was an author?" So many questions left unanswered, there were so many things left to say and this is worse then losing someone through death. "At least I would know what happened, now I just don't know anything."

*Sits in desk, puts drawing supplies in front of her, places head on bent arm and stares at the wall* He was my only brother, how can I continue this way knowing that I probably will never see him again? *Tear falls onto the artificial surface, other students enter the room. Unknowingly, the teacher also walks in with two men at her side, they both wore similar black suits and black glasses. Quietly mutters* "If I could solve this puzzle, maybe I can bring him back." *The teacher along with the two mysterious strangers gather around the desk, looking down at me. I look up at their emotionless expressions and for some reason...I only feel fear*


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A Vampires Awakening 
09:46am 17/03/2004
  I stood over my own grave, a place I had seen before - a place I knew I had died. I looked at my hands, cold - pale.. What was happening? How long had I been here? My vision seemed to change, I saw the world in a new light - black and white. I could sence energy all around - negative and posative. What source? my source is gone. Nothing to return to. Just me, and a bunch of zeros and ones..

I calmly meandered the street, dead - and dark, lifeless it seemed at 3am, wet and cold, my body seemed to grow more aware with every step.

"what is happening??" I begged myself to understand - all i could see what the hole that once held my light, now spinning and obsorbing every inch of energy around me. Energy so pure, so full of life. I make my way down the street and find a bum passed out next to the closed liquor store. His source shined on the wet puddles of the street, and I knew it was for me.

I took his life. And now he lives forever inside me.

Over the years I have grown to realize that there are some like me, not many but few. Some say it's all a program, a giant video game in which we play the administrators. Take energy from life to build. to live. to exist.

I am vampire.

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